Integral Sightseeing Tour with the Integral Community

A magical mystery tour in Budapest and Hungary

May 30–June 1

Budapest, a Must-See Gem of Europe

The Hungarian capital deserves to be called a city with a living history. A true gem of a city in the EU, Budapest has it all: from tribal red to medieval blue, from modern orange to postmodern green, it has a rich and thick memetic layer of history and culture. As a spa city, Budapest is more than the sum of its bathing facilities, as it offers a unique blend of Roman, Turkish and European bathing cultures. Budapest is no longer limited to restaurants, outdoor terraces and coffee houses, but features a cuisine consisting of a blend of traditional Hungarian flavours and the latest dining trends. Budapest is also a peaceful meeting point of religions and cultures, a coexistence of the spiritual heritage of East and West. It’s is a melting pot of wide-ranging subcultures, making it worth a visit—a familiar and safe metropolis with a human face that also offers a wealth of novelties, experiences and surprises for open-minded visitors.


Bus pick-up at Marriott Hotel’s reception at 8 am


Bus pick-up at Marriott Hotel’s reception at 8 am

Visit a Traditional Central European Church with Live Organ Music

The 500-year-old church was built in the 1600s, and has one of the most well known ancient organs of Central Europe, on which the local cantor will play for us.

With Horse-drawn Carriages to the Hunting Lodge

A short horse carriage ride will allow us to feel into the scenerey that will take us to the local hunter’s lodge.

Local Artisans, Embroidering Women and Their Ancient Dresses

Local craftsmen will show us their folkcrafts, and women will demonstrate their still-living traditional art of embroidery.

Experience Local Dances with a Live Folk Band—You Can Even Try It

Then we will take part in a traditional Hungarian dance workshop with live music. Here we can learn the basics and experience the power of communal dances that has kept the warmth of community for a thousand years in the heart of Europe.

Hungarian Specialities: Traditional Food and Drinks on the Terrace of the Karad Hunting Lodge

Lunch together with Hungarian specialties—deer goulache or vegetarian bean goulache, strudels, wine and pálinka tasting—on the terrace of the Karád hunting lodge.

Meet in-person Kassai,
the World’s Leading Hun Archery Master


Bus pick-up at Marriott Hotel’s reception at 8 am

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