Authentically connecting with each other for
Opening and Healing
in an Integral Space

Born out of compassion from the deep sharing circles of the Budapest Forum of IEC 2022 Hybrid, I open the doors of a deep, experiential integral retreat for this summer.

Are you somehow part of the international integral world, or connected to it?
Then this retreat is for you.

Join me for a 5-day retreat where we meet in a deep and authentic relational space, to experience a genuinely integral mode of being. Reaching it through later stages realizations, higher state openings, and early-stage releases, while finding the answers that we need to move on in our lives and realize our integral potential.

We all have parts where we are stuck and deep down we know that it should be worked through until we get a full release, breakthrough, and peace. This is how healing leads to opening.

We also all have the potential for higher stages and states waiting to be realized and experienced. The more we open up for them, the more the unresolved parts will come up too. This is how opening leads to healing.

Experiential Transformative Informative

An opening can happen down and up at the same time.

We need an integral space and integral facilitation style for this and the sangha of like-minded people from around the globe.

Be with the global integral tribe in this intimate and powerful summer retreat!


We’ll meet in the serene environment and authentic location of the Herb Lodge. Nested deeply nested in lush green nature, in the Valley of Herbs of Zala County, in my country of origin, Hungary, at the heart of Europe. It is also in the vicinity of Lake Balaton, home of IEC conferences giving an opportunity to also enjoy the beaches, have a swim and recharge in a beautiful summer lake environment where Joe Biden had his honeymoon!

Your facilitator

I am Bence Gánti integral psychologist, deeply immersed in the integral approach in practice, seeing, facilitating, and teaching people for the past 25 years. Using the Wilberian integral approach means understanding the earlier middle and late stages of inner development, connecting them, and navigating through them for a fully embodied integral path and realization. 

I offer one on one sessions and group work, and people report, that when we spend time together, my effect on many of them is transformative. We will spend time together in a safe and skillful relational space in which you will understand yourself more clearly, and relate to fellow integralist from around the world authentically. 

What is opening and healing from an integral perspective?

Opening refers to experiencing both the later stages of development and also the higher states of consciousness. Healing refers to inner work done often on our earlier stage parts of the self. We all have that. Once we go there, they turn out to be actually the very doors of higher opening! In fact, after some point, we can’t avoid deep work for a full higher opening as our trauma and stuckness holds the full energy and power that we seek outside. Once integrating it from within we become full. This realization makes the difference between being green and between transcending to the integral stage of development called teal or yellow, including also the healthy green part and also that of the earlier stages.

Traditionally healing and opening are separated, calling them psychotherapy and spirituality. But one turns into the other, therefore this separation is outdated and we need a new integral approach. In this, we have the holistic totality, and full integrity of the psyche, which makes it also a new form of spirituality. One with less idealization and role-playing, and more authenticity, and humanness.

The developmental stages (also called levels of development), and the states of consciousness, have been long described both in psychology and in spiritual traditions. Ken Wilber the founder of integral theory did put them together, thus we have a unified developmental stage model. For me as a psychotherapist, spiritual practitioner, and facilitator of people’s transformation since the 90-is, it is not merely an intellectual theory but a valid and well-functioning path for individual and group work, for inner growth and healing, and even for transformative education (Integral Academy), and conferencing (like IEC). You can learn more about the stages here.

We are not yet there in our evolution, where everybody is real and authentic all the time, guided by a spiritual flow. Instead of this we subconsciously agreed collectively, that when we are together, we stay in our role self and rational mind, and spend the majority of our time there, discussing important issues and executing our tasks and duties. This is so even if we are seekers, finders, spiritual or integral people who theoretically would be on higher stages. Those can be experienced and we can spend time there, to open up, heal, and wire higher consciousness in our brains. This doesn’t happen automatically and is very restricted in our daily life. For this, we need to dedicate some time and have a well-facilitated space. This is why we go to this retreat.

In integral terms, we spend most of our days in a mixture of amber, orange, and to some extent green ego-states and relational spaces.

Amber: level-4 Rule-Role Self, also known as the blue stage in Spiral Dynamics

In this mode, we are in a structured day mode, defined by our time frames and daily programs. Our inner sense is framed by our calendar appointments and to-do list elements, and agreements with others. This inner structure of agreements, time frames, and todos create our roles, which gives stability, order, and meaning to our daily life. On its good side,  besides stability, order, and meaning our psyche and life feels in control, things are manageable and emotionally comfortable, and we are having a well-functioning, meaningful day. When the amber mind-state gets too much and tense, we push ourselves and others, or it gets boring and we would rather do something else, so there is a sense of “I must, but I don’t want”. The deep shadow of amber is when it feels that we are hopelessly imprisoned in our meaningless jobs, todos, commitments, or even relationships, and we endlessly repeat boring schemes, while our spirit has long left the scene. For a healthy amber in an integral system, we need the necessary amount of roles, agreements, and structures, but nothing more, we avoid boredom and keep our activities, our psyche, and relationships alive and spirited.

Orange: level-5, Rational Thinking Mind, also known as the orange stage in Spiral Dynamics

In this mode, most of the day we think, running talks in our mind on both problem solving around our daily issues, and both relationships, trying to explain and understand the others and ourselves. We want an explanation for everything, so we seek it and actively construct it. This rational mind mode keeps us in a relationally independent, and also separated state with a disconnected, closed heart space. We are open to hearing perspectives, but never fully trust others, rather try to figure it out ourselves. Hypothetic thinking, and being cautious and critical are keys to this mentally most active ego state. We take refuge in doubt, which keeps us separate, independent, and seemingly free. We are self-authorizing ourselves to be the final authority in front of ourselves to tell what is true. This is the ideal normal in the modern Western world. In an integral mind, we need a healthy amount of understanding of ourselves and others, through personal, independent meaning-making, and we also need to learn how to open our hearts, listen in there, lower our headiness, and give up intellectualization and connect emotionally. These are some of the green qualities of the next stage.

Green: early level-6, Heart Opened – Relational Psyche, also known as the green stage in Spiral Dynamics

The green stage mind state is when we have a to-the-core, real presence, engaging in authentic sharings, and deep connectedness. In these moments we are kinder to each other and connect from the felt sense of open and warm heart space, giving each other deep holding, and accepting who we are, as we are. This pleasant and liberating experience feels very satisfying, we find, that this is what we have missed so much and that this is nearly unaccessible in normal (amber-orange) life. People could do it, but they don’t. Usually, to do this we need some personal growth training practice. Though it is easy, it doesn’t come from itself. In the integral community they often mix up green cognition, which is multiple perspective-taking, but that is just the mind, not the personality yet. To really be green, you need to relate accordingly. Some keys are the mutual and honest sharing of our interiors and listening to each other while being fully there. We put aside orange reflective thinking, and its relational reflexes in communication: no reflecting, no interpreting, no trying to help, no suggestions on what to do and how to solve it. This ego-state is rare in real life, even if evolutionaries like to believe that we are often there, they aren’t, just in the mind. Thus it can slip into a shadow form, where we develop an unnoticed spiritual persona, a rule-role self that expresses the hip green features. It looks caring and authentic, but it carries tension, a repressed dissatisfaction or anger towards the rational mind, and inauthenticity of the world and the others. For healthy green and deep green spaces to manifest we need such practice, space, and time and an integral stage personality can not be imagined without a functioning healthy deep green practice and capacity.

Everything happens in your own rhythm

In such a retreat we do playful, enjoyable, and relatively simple exercises in a progressively deepening fashion that will invite any necessary inner process to come. Everything will happen in its own rhythm. The integral space allows many individual paths to unfold while at the same time they are holarchicly synchronized and the collective field of consequences can also play its role in the process. 

Integral Summer Retreat 2022

Send me your name, email and country and then I’ll provide you with more info.
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