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Gabriel Powell


Hosting Team & Technical Coordinator

Gabriel is our Hosting Team & Technical Coordinator for the conference. He brings a lot of experience, heart, and rigor to our team.
He’s an Integral Master Coach™ with a deep passion for human development and spiritual growth. He supports coaches, leaders, and change makers longing to cultivate greater presence, draw more skillfully upon their multiple intelligences, clarify their purpose, and make an impact doing what they feel deeply called to do.
For the past 5 years, he’s been hosting Coaches Rising online trainings. They always fill me with inspiration and deep wisdom that I’m able to integrate into my coaching work.

Adamantia Klonaris


Adamantia is an Integral Master Coach™, Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE®) Provider, and a Sound Engineer. She cares deeply about human development and the transformation that lies underneath the unity of body, heart, mind, and spirit.

Her commitment to being of service and contributing to our global evolution has also inspired her to use her technical background to support content creators and conventions in spreading their message and having an impact on the world. She brings passion, heart, and a solid container across her team and professional relationships.

Andrea Barrueto


Andrea holds a PhD in sustainable development and is an Integral Master Coach™. Her passion is the human side of change. She works as a coach with individuals, with organizations in leadership and team development and as a lecturer at the university in the themes of leadership and change management. She is the co-founder of Alpine Azure combining her passions for nature, mountaineering and personal explorations.

Her work is supported by the embodied experience from over 20 years of being a student and practitioner of somatic techniques, meditation and yoga practices.

Today Andrea lives in Zurich with her husband and their children. In the mornings she works with coaching clients, deeply immersing in their challenges, while in the afternoons she dives into “being a mum”, curiously exploring earthworms between the potatoes.

Andrés Mauricio Gutiérrez


Biologist with a minor in Fine Arts, Ontological Coach and Simultaneous Interpreter at ConEmpathy, Andres met the Integral Model several years ago in his quest for personal and organizational development processes. He has worked since 2006 facilitating diverse group learning and transformational processes for organizations and communities. Among the ones he enjoys the most are teamwork activities that involve large-scale group painting, or percussion with the body or with recycled objects (Stomp). He is leading the English <> Spanish interpreting team for IEC 2021. Andrés lives in Colombia, South America, where he is currently developing an ecovillage project,


Angelica Blass


Angelica is an Integral Professional Coach™ and an Organizational Psychologist who specializes in Leadership and Team Development. As an Integral Practitioner, she is committed to serve and help people, organizations, the planet and herself to grow and heal with curiosity and openness beyond what is.

Working in the Service-, Chemical- and IT-Industry at an international level, Angelica is facilitating and enabling growth and development on multiple levels with experience, dedication and love in everything she does and everyone she interacts with. She brings energy, warmth and dedication to our team.

Dr. Anna Storck


Anna is a researcher, educator, entrepreneur, and innovator. In her 30-year career in the field of consulting, training and education, Anna has worked for several international brands, non-governmental organizations and renowned higher education institutions around the world. Always with the focus on: transformative learning and now on transformative blended learning. Anna loves the fluidity of her soul, mind, and spirit while creating a wider, deeper, more transformative educational space, esp. now at her Train the Trainer. Integral (of) course. Certificate Online Program.

Carolina Menandro


Carolina Menandro (Curitiba, Brazil) is a certified conference interpreter based in Brazil. She currently works in online assignments (remote simultaneous interpretation – RSI) and in-person conferences. Her working languages are Portuguese, English, and Spanish. She has more than 17 years of experience in translation and conference interpreting, having lived and worked in Brazil, the United States, Canada, Chile, and Colombia. She majored in English/Portuguese Conference Interpreting with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Languages from the Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio). She is also a B.A. Psychology student at the Tuiuti University of Paraná (UTP) in Brazil.

Janet Mrenica


Janet Mrenica (Ottawa, ON) is a grandmother, mother, and forager living in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, the ancestral traditional unceded territory of the Algonquin and Anishinaabe peoples. She is an Integral Professional Coach™, a student of The Narrative Enneagram and a member of ICF. She is an accredited Climate Change Coach, trained in Neil’s Wheel, is active in the Global Climate Coaching Alliance (convening the local Canadian community circle) and is a Regional Organizer with the Climate Reality Project Canada. Her career in public sector accountancy has led to a Fellow Chartered Professional Accountant/Certified Management Accountant and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (UK).

Jera Cravo


Jera is an audio engineer, photographer, and drummer located in Montreal, Canada.

He brings a lifelong experience from growing up in a family of artists in Brazil and has over 20 years of experience in the music business with multiple award-winning projects.

Jera cares about creating and promoting honest art and helping artists of all experience levels share their messages with their communities.

Maud Raber


Maud is an Integral Professional Coach™, somatic developmental facilitator, trained Holacracy Coach, systemic constellations facilitator, and student of Integral Zen. She designs and hosts body-mindful practices and spaces where horizontal and vertical development meet (state and stage shifts) to individually and collectively enable embodying our next stage of being, meaning-making, relating and co-creating. Her work supports self-management, wholeness and evolutionary purpose to effectively emerge at work. She is passionate about fostering regenerative leadership cultures and organizational paradigms that shape the new world of work and society.

Sally Adnams Jones, Phd.


Sally is an integrally informed arts therapist, author & artist. Her focus is on human transformation using creative, therapeutic, meditative & somatic practices. She has had the joy of working with Indigenous Canadian totem pole & mask carvers; Zulu fabric & bead artists; university art students; & therapeutic groups creating architectural mosaics – all ways to tell stories that can heal our traumatic history. Creating beauty can restore pride, dignity and hope. Sally writes specifically about the healing of collective trauma suffered by refugees from global disaster events, such as war, genocide, climate change, earthquake, tsunami, poverty, & HIV.


Sarah ElTawansy


Sarah is a professionally certified leadership development and lean coach, she helps public, private and not-for-profit sector leaders succeed in implementing significant change initiatives through their people. Throughout her career, she has worked with c-suite executives, directors, managers, project managers and front-line staff to help drive value, optimize operations, enable significant business transformation and operationalize strategic priorities.

Her experience includes working in multinational and Canadian Federal government organizations such as: IBM, Bank of Canada, CGI, and Export Development Canada.

Silvia Micelli


Passionate catalyst of change and human development for better individual, organizational and social results. For the past 11 years, Silvia has been helping leaders to reconnect, develop and thrive, authentically, through coaching, mentoring and human/cultural development programs for individuals and organizations, based on an integral human development approach.

Founder of UNO Performance Integral, Silvia combines over 16 years of corporate career with a solid background and practice in ESG, communication, health & wellness, coaching & mentoring, plus an athlete and dancer history.

Sofi Villa Barajas


Intérprete cultural y lingüística de oficio, luego de estudiar arte terapia en Holanda y psicología transpersonal en Colombia, ha investigado y facilitado el desarrollo de sistemas de aprendizaje sostenible. Impulsada por los saberes propios del pensamiento indígena y campesino, Sofía enlaza herramientas ancestrales a nuevas formas de conocimiento enfocándose en el Buen Vivir. Apasionada por la medicina botánica y los oficios tradicionales, busca fortalecerlos y recuperarlos como puntada clave para reconstruir el tejido social que nos une con el Territorio.

Cultural and linguistic interpreter, after studying art therapy in Holland and transpersonal psychology in Colombia, she has researched and facilitated the development of sustainable learning systems. Driven by indigenous and peasant knowledge, Sofia links ancestral tools to new forms of knowledge with a focus on Good Living. Passionate about botanical medicine and traditional crafts, she seeks to strengthen and recover them as a key to rebuilding the social fabric that binds us to territory.

Steffen Münzner

Brazil / Germany

Steffen works as a facilitator, coach, trainer and consultant. He assists people and groups to recognize patterns and to establish new manifestations of meaning. As part of the Time to Think faculty, he certifies coaches and facilitators in the Thinking Environment approach. His sense-making is also influenced by his experiences as a Scorer and Debriefer of STAGES assessments. He calls his work sometimes incisive interventions, which, in its simplest form, can mean that he just witnesses and marvels at the unfolding being and doing of others in the moment. Currently he is particularly interested in how to overcome collective hybris.

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