HÁRDI, Lilla Dr.


Dr. Lilla Hardi is an internationally recognized Hungarian trauma healer, rehabilitation psychiatrist, and psychoanalyst, the founder of Cordelia Foundation. Dr. Hárdi and her foundation specialize in abuse-, torture- and war victim therapy and rehabilitation, partly among Hungarian minorities but mostly among refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, other Middle-Eastern and African countries, and recently from Ukraine. Dr. Hárdi established Cordelia Foundation during the Yugoslav War in 1996 to offer psychological help to war refugees and asylum-seekers. Cordelia Foundation is the only Hungarian organization that is internationally recognized as part of the UN-backed IRCT, the International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims. Dr. Hárdi has been awarded the 2014 Inge Genefke price, dedicated periodically to the most notable international people in the area of torture victim therapy.

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