Unangan (Aleut) / Alaska

Raised on the St. Paul Island in the Bering sea, four-years-old Ilarion was given his traditional Unangan (Aleut) name: Kuuyux. There is one Kuuyux in each lifetime, and he was given the name by the former Kuuyux that came looking for the child to inherit him as Kuuyux: a bridge, a messenger; carrier of ancient knowledge into modern times.

Nowadays he is president of GCILL – Global Center for Indigenous Leadership and Lifeways, and co-founder and ongoing key speaker for the /

He has over 50 years of experience serving his people, and others around the world in a number of leadership capacities. He started climbing up the conventional rat-race ladder, became co-chair and head of 17 boards and councils, till he jumped.

Ever since then he has been living the legacy of his traditional name: Kuuyux

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